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  • The membership plan you choose depends entirely on your goals for the Madden 24 season. If you want to stay competitive all year and know everything there is to know about Madden, then the Legend Plan is the choice for you. However, if you anticipate playing for only a few months, consider the Elite Plan to instantly start dominating the competition.

  • With our membership plans, you gain access to all of our gameplans and all of our 'Overtime' content. No need for individual purchases anymore.

  • Our Gameplans are more than a list of plays; they're comprehensive schemes or playbooks featuring necessary personnel and abilities. Accompanied by video guides and in-depth write-ups, we make complex setups a breeze.

    Regardless of your skill level, from beginner to advanced, or your approach, be it mainstream or creative, our 818 team has got you equipped with the best Madden content out there.

  • Overtime, brand new to Madden 24, is refreshed every Tuesday to keep you updated with the latest Madden trends, offering efficient counter-strategies. We also include unique setups that are set to reshape the meta. These can vary from a play setup to a specific route combination, or even a "glitch" that can provide a competitive advantage over other players.

    We enhance our offering with an extensive analysis of abilities. This includes a focus on abilities that are currently dominating the meta in Competitive Madden, along with newer, underutilized, or undervalued abilities we believe have potential. This detailed understanding of abilities is a crucial aspect of Madden gameplay and can provide a significant advantage across H2H, Franchise, or Ultimate Team.

  • Yes, gameplans will be updated throughout the year, ensuring you can comfortably learn the ins and outs of our schemes. In addition to these updates, we will release new gameplans whenever the META shifts in competitive Madden, guaranteeing you always stay ahead of the curve.

  • You can ask us anything in our Discord. Discord is the go-to text & voice chat for gamers around the world.

    The link to join 818's exclusive server is here -

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